Content Creation

Content Creation Templates and Franchisees Success Tools

Content Creation can be extremely difficult when you're not writing constantly. Having some sort of boilerplate to work off of can make life simple. We've come up with a number of tools that we've integrated that help entrepreneurs streamline their marketing efforts to our franchising model. Whether you're a franchisee, and or someone who's strictly doing direct sales, copy is king. In a society where so many ads are coming out, ...

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Outbound Marketing

Create a Successful Outbound Marketing Strategy

Although Outbound Marketing makes up just one part of a healthy client acquisition strategy, there are a few advantages it has to things like paid ads, partnerships, and content. Primarily, it is far lower cost, requires less technology, and doesn’t require you to be someone who's already established with a reputation. Basically, it has no barriers of entry. That being said, a ton of people tell me all the time they ...

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing – A Quick Guide to Cover Your Bases

I recently was attending the PPAI Expo East Conference in Atlantic City and got a chance to listen to a session from Cliff Quicksell who is currently the VP of Marketing at IPromoteU. For those of you who are not familiar in the industry, IPromoteU is a $200+ million dollar distributor in the business with over 150+ reps supporting their brand. As Optamark expands its footprint nationwide, Cliff shared some ...

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