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Create a Successful Outbound Marketing Strategy

Although Outbound Marketing makes up just one part of a healthy client acquisition strategy, there are a few advantages it has to things like paid ads, partnerships, and content. Primarily, it is far lower cost, requires less technology, and doesn’t require you to be someone who’s already established with a reputation. Basically, it has no barriers of entry.

That being said, a ton of people tell me all the time they just can’t get any results out of Outbound Marketing outreach or prospecting. To that I say, you’re just not doing it right. That’s why I’m here to break down the right way to do it here!

Pillar #1: Channel Selection

  • Who are you selling to?
  • Where do those people spend their time?
  • Find your audience’s fishing holes, and go there
  • Channel selection isn’t predefined. You don’t use Linkedin to sell to cannibus companies, nor would you use Instagram to sell to CFOs. Choose the right channels for the right audience

Pillar #2: Targeting

Message only the people who actually fit your ideal client profile (your specific niche). Demographics, size, revenue, employee count, funding, industry, are things you can potentially try to segment and filter on (amongst many others). Be as precise as possible, since the more defined your list’s characteristics are, the more you can make the copy and campaign targeted and relevant messaging the wrong audience even if you have perfect copy will lead to nada, zilch, and nothing.


Pillar #3: Messaging

Messaging is unique to the channel you are using Email, Linkedin, and Facebook all have different uses & personalities, meaning you have to message in a different way on each platform (length, tone, calls to actions all change) regardless of channel though, the key is you MUST be relevant to the prospect’s pain points. Your messaging always has to be prospect-centric. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

Pillar #4: Adding Value Upfront

  • People don’t like being sold to, regardless of channel. Avoid just taking value instead, add value upfront, and show that you are here to help that can come in the form of helpful content (preferably original content – blogs, webinars, etc).
  • Recommendations and strategic suggestions.
  • Audits of their existing business or process be genuinely interested in their business when you talk to them. Show that you care, and you will create far better relationships and sell more

Pillar #5: Volume

Without volume, your Outbound Marketing will not drive impact. It is still a numbers game, best bet is to reverse engineer your daily volume all the way back from your overarching revenue goal. Let’s say your goal is $250k in revenue, and your avg customer value is $5k this means you need to win 50 customers. If your close rate is 33%, it means you need to generate 150 sales opps

Once you figure out your Outbound Marketing conversion rate, divide 150 by that and you have your overall outreach volume. For this example, let’s say you convert 2.5% of your outbound into meetings – that would mean you need to reach out to 6000 people over the course of a year, 6000 people is only 23 people prospected a day (if you work every business day) – manageable!

Every channel has an optimal volume. Facebook starts at 10 new connects a day, and you can ramp to 40. Linkedin starts at 40 new connects a day, and you can ramp to 100. Email accounts must be warmed up initially, and can hit 1000 a day (I would not go this high) You can use technology and automation to help you here, since manual is hard.

Pillar #6: Persistence

  • People rarely respond on the first message
  • Stay politely persistent and keep pushing for a response
  • Email you can persist 6-8 times
  • Linkedin you can persist 3 extra times
  • Facebook you can persist 1 extra time
  • You can use technology and automation to help you here, since manual is hard

Now, I’m aware that I didn’t really share anything about how to find leads, build lists, or the actual copy itself. I didn’t want to spend time writing an essay. If there’s interest though, you can comment below and dm me and happy to touch base!

Tarang Gosalia

Tarang is the CEO at Optamark. Optamark is a printing and promotional products agency that designs branded merchandise collections, printing, and company e-stores with a one stop shop experience for leading companies across North America.

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