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Content Marketing – A Quick Guide to Cover Your Bases

I recently was attending the PPAI Expo East Conference in Atlantic City and got a chance to listen to a session from Cliff Quicksell who is currently the VP of Marketing at IPromoteU. For those of you who are not familiar in the industry, IPromoteU is a $200+ million dollar distributor in the business with over 150+ reps supporting their brand. As Optamark expands its footprint nationwide, Cliff shared some wisdom on various types of content marketing: Before we get deep into the subject, what is content marketing? Content Marketing is an approach focused on creating and distributing valuable relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

The various types of content marketing:

  • Videos
  • Email Posts
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Blogs
  • Books

The purpose of this blog is to share some insights on some useful tools and tips for you and your business to begin using the various types of content marketing strategies:


  • Did you know that before reading any text on your website 60% of site visitors will watch a video…?
  • Did you know that one minute of video translates to 1.8 million words?
  • If you’re not doing things by putting relevant content on your website and doing it often and religiously.. you’re going to become stale.. quickly.


Email Posts:

With Email Posts, Landing Pages are becoming more relevant than ever before. Information is kings and so if we can provide our target audience (in our case, Distributors of Print and Promotional Products, relevant content to be able to relate with, the emails should not be going in the trash. Make it count with reliable and consistent content that is audience and niche specific. Cliff did an excellent job of conveying how to parse the information in a way that was relevant for the audience, we aim to do the same.


As we aim to continue to provide relevant content, Podcasts are a way to validate the concept and brand to the clients and individuals we are looking to target. Kirby Hasseman, President of Hasseman Marketing, has done an excellent job as a distributor in the promotional products space to help with providing rich content to distributors to better their distributorship. He has posted hundreds of podcasts with rich content to spread the word and this has enabled his business to have a competitive edge in the space.

Below are some examples from Cliff presentation on relevant info for Podcasts:

Below is an example of how content marketing via Podcasts from CommonSKU (which is a very popular tool for distributors to manage their ongoing business, is sharing. Commonsku has done a critical job of staying relevant to a “slow moving” industry.


  Infographics on Podcasts:

Infographics, We all know infographics, As Cliff would say… “I don’t want to read The Gettysburg address… I like short snippets of information…. I like bullet points… I can get right to what I want to see it’s easy, so keep in mind that everybody learns differently.”

I personally am a visual learner myself and having clear, defined, measurable information makes the process seamless and simple. Use infographics to make your positions more compelling to the audiences you are looking to outreach to.

White Papers

The concept of sharing information to be able to secure leads is more relevant than ever before. Hubspot was the kind of ideating the concept of Inbound Marketing. Inbound allows your audience to quickly validate your experience. Think about a white paper case study as a quick presentation to your client on work you have completed? Isn’t that the best validator to a client? To show them relevant examples of industry-specific scenarios? 100% Start showing off the creative work and presentations you put together to make your clients feel your business is up to date on the latest trends and ideas in the market.

Blog Posts

LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, these are great outlets being able to speak in a public forum contact online services.
An excellent resource to establish more content marketing strategies through blogs is:

Tarang Gosalia

Tarang is the CEO at Optamark. Optamark is a printing and promotional products agency that designs branded merchandise collections, printing, and company e-stores with a one stop shop experience for leading companies across North America.

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