Marketing Funnel

A Marketing Funnel Defined

Over the last 10 years, we've continued to build our business on being able to provide a product and service to our clients that allows them to continue to come back. However, when it comes to managing data, we’ve had a lot of challenges in staying organized and ensure that we keep our funnel top of mind and consistently making effort to reach out to those clients that we aim to ...

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South African Printers

Meeting with One of Largest South African Printers

I'm currently traveling in South Africa and finding ways to creatively expand our franchise efforts as our product is very unique in that it doesn't require a traditional brick and mortar. We need to be able to empower ourselves with the best and brightest South African Printers and globally to be able to create an ecosystem that will allow our franchisees to have sustainable supply chain, technology, and a world-class ...

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The Beginner’s Guide to How Direct Mail Helps Realtors Make Huge Profits

What are the Costs associated to Flipping a House? The first thing to understand about flipping a house are the costs involved. It’s not just a matter of buying a house and selling it for a profit. Nine times out of ten it will need to be renovated. Even before that, part of the art of selling a successful house is sourcing the deal. Many a times, that deal can come ...

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8 Reasons Starting a Business Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Communication Skills: Confidence, Influence, Personal Productivity & Project Management Leadership and entrepreneurship skills are what makes great entrepreneurs who they are today, they can't build big, successful businesses without these fundamentals principles, but if you don't master simple things such as leadership, managing projects, being a great entrepreneur and having the right mindset for the future, you will keep failing in business and making mistakes. What if you could ...

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Startup Founders

A Startup Founders Keys to Success

I've always been interested in early stage businesses. I've met Startup Founders from all walks of life. Winning ideas, losing ones, whatever the case may be, there seems to be a few takeaways that can set apart founders who who are really successful and step outside the box. For background, I've been Angel Investing as a Limited Partner 500 Startups, Arc Angel Fund in New York, as well as independent businesses ...

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Making memorable branding experiences

Making memorable branding experiences require experience from inception to delivery. When you open or receive a shipment nowadays to your home, having a long-lasting impression is everything. Below I've shared an example of how we look at experiences for custom branded packaging that we built on various projects. We would give Marketing Managers an idea of how we can make memorable branding experiences. The objective of this particular campaign was to drive ...

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