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China is creating a society without public debate in which unelected officials use artificial intelligence to control everything from promotion at work, to travel, to housing, to welfare. No matter what industry you’re in, there seems to be a strong stake-hold in the way that China will influence the market. I recently attended a conference in China which gave me a reality dose on how our industry (Printing and Promotional Products) has been vertically dominated and dependent heavily on China to ensure we can sustain long term growth.

Overall, I see that not only the brands but the entire control of supply chain, product innovation, IP, are in favor for China. They manufacture to all of the largest players in our industry, control the distribution and now are even more powerful than ever. Our industry has predominantly a higher age (55 and predominantly male) is what ASI/PPAI has indicated. Going back to China at a macro level, it holds its population in a grip that no one living in a democracy could ever countenance. Yet our mostly tolerant society, built upon trust in our leaders, seems focused on petty personal attacks that risk throwing out that most valuable commodity in any democracy: trust.

Well we are focusing on Stormy Daniels, White Supremacy, and other distraction’s, the Chinese continue to innovate, dominate and keep quiet to there own society while maintaining clear and dominant control..

Here are some reasons takeaways I found in China during my branding business with China visit:

China lives Autonomously
Newspapers, TV, Media, its no Western and it does not seem it will ever likely be. The Chinese focus on their internal needs and really stray away from having any involvement of other countries influence.

China Manufacturers Quality / You Just Need to Find It
China can source anything. I recently saw a 60 minutes episode about how the Chinese were using the United States Postal Service to import illegal narcotics through the country as a the form of a “chemical”. Whether it is drugs, furniture, healthcare products, promotional and print collateral, China has it. They not only have it, they produce it, control it, and price it out of the market. It makes it almost impossible to compete and its critical in a branding business like Optamark to take advantage of cost benefits by doing branding business with China, we can pass over to our clients. We have to be able to add value for our clients, and this is something we feel strongly we can do by vertically integrating our supply chain.


Be Careful What You Share, As “Cloning” is a Common Problem
Range Rovers, Nissans, Tesla’s, there is any and all types of vehicles which have been branded and exact cloned versions. It seems very apparent that integrity might not be the main focus of the Chinese but they are accurate when it comes to taking a really sound product, and adding there own benefits to it. For example, if you are currently a user of WhatsApp, I suggest you install WeChat, WeChat is what I would refer to as WhatsApp on steroids in terms of what it can do. It can handle voice, translation, payments, all internal payments for other vendors, group chats, voice, you name it – they got it!


The Technology in China is a conduit to running a successful Import Export Business
WeChat is an application that enables all types of branding business with China to happen. For example this device above allows you to charge your phone with the battery pack and quickly release the charger through the WeChat app. This again allows for all types of commerce to be seamless and easy, this is becoming the new norm on all types of transactions in Asia. The United States has Venmo and PayPal but is a world behind the functions and features of WeChat. Being in the importing business, we find it very difficult to communicate with Chinese vendors. WeChats solves that problem.


The Chinese Know how To Celebrate the Fruits of Their Labor
Asians love to floss. The culture, the people, the work ethic is a go go go mindset. No wonder why people enjoy the fruits of their labor..


Infrastructure is Sound in China
Pollution is a problem for sure in China. That is evident and its a problem everywhere you go, aside from the pollution however, the infrastructure in terms of airports, buildings, roads, is MUCH MUCH better. I think treating China like a communist society is a wrong assessment, I actually think it is as capitalist as it can get. For those in the Printing and Promotional Products Industry, 90% of what we buy is from the Chinese. We end up paying high fees for additional imprints and storage when we can avoid those expenses entirely. At Optamark, we have an obligation to ensure our franchisees are able to buy the best quality products at a competitive price. Branding business with China is the best entry point to do so.

Invest in Niche Applications / Machinery
The machine above will allow us in the Printing and Promotional Products Industry provide our clients and on-demand application like they have never seen before. The Chinese introduced this technology and have perfected it over the year. Depending on what business interests you, I think positioning a product to fit demand will differentiate you from every other Amazon Seller or Import Export player. Our focus is on laser technology, this is how we plan to compete.

Another example of a laser in action..

Build a sound relationship with your partners to make them understand your needs. The Chinese are good people, sometimes it just about a language barrier that can bridge the problem of doing branding business with China.

On the left our CFO, Krupal Pucchadiya, CTO, HK Kundariya, COO, Adam Yalango, Our Chinese Manufacturing Partners and myself finalizing our supply chain on our 2019 Summer Line of Products for our clients.

Take selfies on WeChat with your suppliers while doing branding business with China, so they remember who you are (Especially at the Canton Fair)

If you are attending the Canton or Hong Kong Fairs, I highly suggest you take selfies with your suppliers to make sure you engage them on WhatsApp groups. At Optamark, we aim to to ensure our franchisees are getting the best pricing on the best products at the best price. That is where we want to excel and make sure we are top of keeping communication with all of the suppliers involved in our supply chain.

If your interested in starting your own business and need a helping hand, we highly suggest reaching out to the team at Optamark to learn more about how you can become a part of our team and support the needs of your clients. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at

Tarang Gosalia

Tarang is the CEO at Optamark. Optamark is a printing and promotional products agency that designs branded merchandise collections, printing, and company e-stores with a one stop shop experience for leading companies across North America.

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