South African Printers

Meeting with One of Largest South African Printers

I'm currently traveling in South Africa and finding ways to creatively expand our franchise efforts as our product is very unique in that it doesn't require a traditional brick and mortar. We need to be able to empower ourselves with the best and brightest South African Printers and globally to be able to create an ecosystem that will allow our franchisees to have sustainable supply chain, technology, and a world-class ...

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How Cold Outreach Emails can Enhance Sales Efforts

Cold Outreach alone drove over $1M ARR in SaaS sales for our organization over the last 3 years. Here is the system that got us there (and how you can build it too). I personally love cold outreach because it’s a really fast way to get results. You send someone an email/Linkedin/FB message, they respond, and you get them on a sales call. Simple. For that reason, as much as I ...

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The Beginner’s Guide to How Direct Mail Helps Realtors Make Huge Profits

What are the Costs associated to Flipping a House? The first thing to understand about flipping a house are the costs involved. It’s not just a matter of buying a house and selling it for a profit. Nine times out of ten it will need to be renovated. Even before that, part of the art of selling a successful house is sourcing the deal. Many a times, that deal can come ...

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Starting Your Own Franchise Business 101: The Essential Guide

With so many options for franchises out there, you first need to ask yourself what you are passionate about doing. Narrow down your interest in a service based business, vs retail. In my experience, dealing with consumers has always been a tough sell. I enjoy working with businesses vs end clients for a few reasons: 1. There not spending their own money 2. Deadlines and speed matter and emotions are less involved 3. ...

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8 Reasons Starting a Business Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Communication Skills: Confidence, Influence, Personal Productivity & Project Management Leadership and entrepreneurship skills are what makes great entrepreneurs who they are today, they can't build big, successful businesses without these fundamentals principles, but if you don't master simple things such as leadership, managing projects, being a great entrepreneur and having the right mindset for the future, you will keep failing in business and making mistakes. What if you could ...

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Starting Your Own Business

Looking to Start Your Own Business? Entrepreneur and Business Owners Wanted

Starting your own business is not an easy endeavor. For those of you that have never had the opportunity to go out on your own, franchising could be a great alternative to provide you with the support you need to get your business off the ground. When looking at any opportunity, you ask yourself, what is my potential in being able to earn $X? Fortunately, the printing and promotional products industry ...

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing – A Quick Guide to Cover Your Bases

I recently was attending the PPAI Expo East Conference in Atlantic City and got a chance to listen to a session from Cliff Quicksell who is currently the VP of Marketing at IPromoteU. For those of you who are not familiar in the industry, IPromoteU is a $200+ million dollar distributor in the business with over 150+ reps supporting their brand. As Optamark expands its footprint nationwide, Cliff shared some ...

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Startup Founders

A Startup Founders Keys to Success

I've always been interested in early stage businesses. I've met Startup Founders from all walks of life. Winning ideas, losing ones, whatever the case may be, there seems to be a few takeaways that can set apart founders who who are really successful and step outside the box. For background, I've been Angel Investing as a Limited Partner 500 Startups, Arc Angel Fund in New York, as well as independent businesses ...

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Insights to run a successful branding business with China

China is creating a society without public debate in which unelected officials use artificial intelligence to control everything from promotion at work, to travel, to housing, to welfare. No matter what industry you're in, there seems to be a strong stake-hold in the way that China will influence the market. I recently attended a conference in China which gave me a reality dose on how our industry (Printing and Promotional ...

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From Haircuts to Digital Printing to India Outsourcing

I had the pleasure of being part of a really cool podcast. The interview talked about all the ups and downs of business and specific challenges I have faced along the way.. Background: Tarang Gosalia is the CEO of Optamark. His company is an award-winning online print business, he currently consults for some of the largest companies and startups in the United States (Wayfair, OlaPic, the NFL, Draft Kings, ESPN, and thousands ...

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